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Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Is the water overflowing and foul odours coming from your kitchen sink? This is a clear sign that there could be a blockage caused by food debris, grease and hair. This can be a major headache for homeowners, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you have the right tools and great professionals on speed dial. While harsh chemical drain cleaners and plumbing snakes are the go-to when ridding your drain of a clog, they can cause more harm than good in the long run. 

When professionals need something a bit more powerful, using high-pressure jetting units can be just the solution.

What Is High-Pressure Drain Cleaning?

High-pressure drain cleaning is a non-invasive method used by plumbing professionals to clear blockages and clean drainage systems using pressurised water. This technique involves using specialised equipment, such as a flexible hose connected to an adjustable nozzle that generates a powerful stream of water at high pressure. 

There are endless benefits to relying on this method, including removing various types of debris, sediment, and obstructions within your plumbing systems. Here’s why high-pressure drain cleaning is beneficial: 

Provides Better Results

There are plenty of things that can cause a block. From grease to hair, these clogs can wreak havoc on your pipes and nose, but getting rid of them usually requires excessive elbow grease and more than one technique. High-pressure water drain cleaning is highly effective in breaking down and flushing away various blockages without needing alternative methods to help relieve your drainage systems. This method utilises water jets at extremely high pressure, allowing it to tackle a wide range of blockage types, including both hard and soft obstructions. 

It’s Less Damaging To Pipes

Chemical drain cleaners and boiling water may offer a short-term solution but can damage your plumbing system if used excessively. High-pressure drain cleaning is a naturally non-abrasive method, minimising the risk of damaging the interior lining of pipes and preserving the structural integrity of your system. This plumbing method is designed with adjustable pressure settings, allowing professionals to customise the pressure according to the characteristics of the pipes being cleaned. Whether the pipes are made of PVC, cast iron, clay, or another material, the pressure can be tailored to ensure effective cleaning without causing harm.

It’s Quicker 

This innovative plumbing method is quicker and more efficient than traditional methods as it gets to the clog and removes it immediately. This allows you to enjoy a free-flowing drain in no time without waiting hours for traditional methods to kick in. This is particularly great if you have emergencies, such as flooding from blocked pipes or other immediate issues, as professional technicians are capable of flushing away any blocks and mitigating the impact of the issue. 

Environmentally Safer

A wonderful benefit of high-pressure drain cleaning is that it’s more eco-friendly than other techniques. Harsh chemicals used for residential drain cleaning can have a terrible effect on the environment, as these toxic products often find their way into nature and harm wildlife. High-pressure water jets utilise clean, fresh water and ensure an eco-solution to cleaning your pipes. The machine produces no harmful fumes or chemicals, ensuring you, your family and the environment remain safe. 

It Can Act as a Preventative Method 

Instead of waiting for a complete blockage or a drainage emergency to occur, regular and scheduled high-pressure drain cleaning is employed as a preventive measure and offers its own benefits. While there is an initial investment in preventative maintenance, the long-term cost savings can be substantial. Addressing issues before they become emergencies helps avoid expensive repairs and replacements. A well-maintained drainage system also functions more efficiently, giving you peace of mind. 

Experts You Can Trust

Using high-pressure drain cleaning offers an efficient and cost-effective method to help tackle stubborn blocks and prevent future plumbing disasters. Whether you’re looking to clear a tough blockage or ensure your drainage system is well-maintained, take advantage of Clearpath Drainage’s High-Pressure Drain Jetting units to keep your pipes in excellent working order.

Speak to our experts today to find out how we can help you!

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