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Toilet, Urinal & Sink Unblocking

24/7 Emergency Blocked Drain in Southampton

We deliver the highest quality drainage solutions, so you can enjoy peace of mind 24/7.

The water’s overflowed into the garden, a terrible smell is emanating from the manhole outside, and the water won’t seem to drain down the kitchen sink. Whether you’re faced with one or all of these scenarios, the conclusion is the same: you probably have a blocked drain.

Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

A blocked drain is certainly an inconvenience, but did you know it’s a health hazard too? A clogged drain encourages the growth of bacteria, which can cause disease. This is made worse as your blocked pipes push water back up into your shower drains and kitchen sinks. You may also be forced to contend with foul odours as your clogged pipes cannot wash these unpleasant smells away with water. 


Pipe blockage and blocked drains are common occurrences that can leave you pulling out your hair. Thankfully, our team is ready to help you quickly unblock your toilet, sink or shower drains and unclog your pipes in no time! No matter the time or day, our emergency call-out option ensures you’ll never have to deal with the stress of blocked drains again.


From foul smells to potential structural damage, don’t wait for your drains to unclog itself - call the experts. 

Here's what you can expect when choosing us

Your blocked drain needs unclogging 

  • Get in touch with Clearpath Drainage

  • One of our experts are at your door in less than 24 hours (no call out fee)

  • An assessment is completed and a lead time is disclosed 

  • Your pipes are unclogged in no time! 

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